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Car Refinish Services


Your Local and Trusted Auto Body Shop and Car Refinish Center
in Woodbridge, Toronto.

At Car Refinish Smart Refinish Center, we offer auto body repair for all car brands in Woodbridge, Toronto.
We specialize in car refinish services such as sectional repair, minor accidents, fender benders, paint repair, and more.
Find out why we are a top rated car refinish centre in Woodbridge.
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We Specialize in Auto Body Repair
with the following car brands:

We do not own and are not affiliated with any of the car brands and their logos.

We Work with all insurances

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Smart Repair is repairing small cosmetic damages on a localized area of a vehicle on the panel that has been damaged. Smart repair technique specializes in tools and materials that allow blending paint and the clear coat into the surrounding damaged areas rather than having to repaint the entire panel saving you time and money.
Contact us for all your sectional car refinish needs today.

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minor accident car refinish


Most minor accidents leave your vehicle in a driveable condition, with those facts in mind smart refinish centre will provide you with the best service possible to keep the repair minimal and more price efficient.
Smart Refinish Center is your local car refinish specialist in Woodbridge. Contact us to get a free quote today!

Bumper cracks & scrapes repair

We do everything from bumper scuff repair, full bumper repaint, bumper stone chip repair, and bumper crack repair. In a lot of cases, we are also able to blend the paint instead of repainting the entire bumper cover to keep our customers’ labour costs lower.
bumper crack repair
car paint repair

Car Paint Repair

We provide services such as sectional paint repair and complete vehicle paint repair, as long as it does not involve any heavy collision.

bumper repair & replacement

We do everything from bumper repairs to bumper replacement, depending on the severity of the bumper cover damage.
vehicle bumper repair
paintless scratch repair

paintless scratch repair

Scratches & Scuffs

We do paintless scratch repair by using techniques without having to repaint your entire panel.

Rim Refinish

If you are looking for an efficient rim refinish and repair, you are in the right place! We do everything from rim refinish, rim curb rush repair, fix scratches, custom colours such as gloss and matte finish on most of the colours, and hyper silver.

rim refinish
bapdr_src (1)bapdr_src (2)

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is a paintless dent removal method, that allows removing minor dents from a body of a vehicle such as the hood, doors, fenders, trunk, and roof. PDR may be used on aluminum and steel panels of a vehicle.

Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield chip repair is a high-quality resin that is injected into the chip or crack of the windshield, and the air is extracted to remove bubbles. In most cases it makes the chip look almost completely invisible and prevents the windshield from cracking.

windshield glass chip repair
free car inspection

Free Car Lease Return Inspection

We will fully inspect your vehicle prior to returning your lease for any dents scratches and scuffs and we will do the minimal cosmetic work for you to safely return your leased vehicle to avoid overpaying the body shop costs with your local dealerships.

get your car
looking new again

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